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Discussing The Biggest Marriage Problems

January 28, 2010 by marriage

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Marriage is one of the most beautiful relation ships on the earth. Like in all relation ships, problems are possible for in marriage too. Only thing is that you have to adjust with new atmosphere because you may be from a different culture. Most of the problems can be solved inside the bedroom itself, as majority of the issues will be silly. There are nothing called biggest marriage problems, as all problems are small in fact.

The couples even fail to acknowledge them as problems and hence do not take adequate steps at redressing them. Speaking about the biggest marriage problems, the first thing that comes into our minds may be infidelity or issues relating to money or so. These problems do remain as some of the biggest marriage problems itself! But, on close scrutiny, one can come up with certain inherent reasons and these problems are their manifestations.

The biggest marriage problem lies within the person itself! This fact, though it may appear unsavory and will need some introspection to be convinced. A selfish mind will impose the self’s ambitions and interests over the others. Such a mind does not entertain others’ hopes and dreams even to the point of disregarding them. Self-centeredness is the root of most evil in the present world. It launches nations into bloody wars, compels people to do any cold-blooded act to satisfy their ego. The same applies to marriage too.

A selfish mind places itself first. It leaves no stone unturned in satisfying their gratifications. It always says, ‘me first’. To put it short, a selfish mind does not give love to anybody. Most often than not, the spouse’s interests are not considered or mercilessly ignored. The spouse will be hurt, reacting in normal cases. This is the reason behind all contentions and quarrels.

If you really love your spouse, you will put your spouse’s interest above your interests. If you identify yourself with your spouse, you will only try to make him or her happy. You will show real love by caring them. You will eliminate self-centeredness totally from your life.

Bliss of marriage comes only when the couples understand them each other. A good loving partner can not ignore the interests of his or her partner. Marriage binds two souls into one and one have to treat their partner, with the same importance of one’s own mind. You have to remove selfishness with love, affection and caring towards your partner. The words ‘biggest marriage problems’ are actually imaginary as all the problems can be solved very easily.

Sharing and caring is the key. Not being vocal and friendly with your partner can make them hesitant and distant and distance is a big evil in a marriage. Also, when you share your life and thoughts with your partner it makes them feel empowered and important.

Last but not the least is to have respect for your partner’s individuality. Always remember, no matter who you are, a celebrity or a common man, your partner should be able to take pride in their identity as being related to you. And that can only happen when you let them chose it. Never force them to not want to have their own identity because if you do that not only do you make them feel bad but you also lose respect in their eyes. All biggest marriage problems can be solved in the family itself.

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