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How To Forget The Past Relationship

July 19, 2012 by marriage

The past relationship which did not go on well with you might refuse to go away. It may keep on hurting your feelings when you are reminded of it. There are many people who’ve ended their relationships with their partners but they have managed to move on with their life.

There are some issues if not cleared up right away may end up ruining a relationship. You will begin to search for faults in yourself if every new relationship you start with a man or woman does not last for long. You should bear it in mind that the fault might not be yours but caused by something or some other person.

When partners split what occurs?

What will happen after breaking up depends mainly upon the intensity of the past relationship. The more the love that was between the partners, the more they get hurt after they break up.

Nothing hurts more in a relationship breakup than the one due to one of the partners being unfaithful. It really hurts because you will be reminded of how committed you were while your companion was being unfaithful. You even begin wondering what happiness is. You may start blaming yourself by thinking that you did not fulfill him/her sexually.

Dealing with memories of the past relationship you had shared together with your ex will haunt you for a very long period or even forever if you don’t overcome them.

Recalling the things you both valued so much to do before the breakup will take away your present happiness for some considerable time. This is because of the fact that it will destruct you in what you are doing and make you to wish the break up had not taken place.

Literally, memories of the bad past relationship may end up destroying the future of partners. How do you get rid of such memories? There aren’t any simple ways of doing this as there are people who have not managed to let go memories of their past relationships. As such they are always grieving when they get reminded the good times they spent with their partners.

One of the ways that will help you move on with life is for you to empty all memories of your ex. You empty these memories by recalling all of the bad and good moments you shared with your ex. This will take time but it’s a great way of letting go of your past ex’s memories.

When recalling the memories, cry as much as you can when you get hurt by them. It is really hurting particularly when you remember the love you had for each other Nonetheless, if you want to move on well with life without being hurt by your past relationship then you should do this.

Being busy is an alternative way of forgetting the past relationship. There are people who have done this in order to forget all that had happened with their partners. You can get yourself busy with your job or by doing what you are passionate about.

Entering into a new relationship with another woman or man without forgetting all the memories about your ex is going to hurt your new relationship. Thus you should forget about your ex and what you did together for you not only to start a new relationship but also to have a good relationship with someone else.

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