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So Now Your Ex Girlfriend Is Dating Another Man

December 9, 2011 by marriage

People usually find it hard to cope after a relationship after they find out that their ex is doing well with their life. Even if you have moved on, it can be shocking to find out that your ex girlfriend is dating someone else.

So what if you realize that this is the kind of situation you are dealing with? In order to handle this properly, there are several things that you need to consider. Even if you are already happy with your life, it is still painful to learn that your ex girlfriend is dating someone else especially if it is too soon. If you see your ex with someone else after just a few weeks of break up, the you will start thinking if they really took the relationship seriously seeing as they got over it so fast. Although it might sound petty, you are secretly hoping that the guy is her way of making you jealous. You will feel as though your ex never really loved you and this would hurt your ego more than it does you heart. This would be even worse if the two of you remained friends after the break up. You might find yourself hearing information that you’d rather not now. Feeling pain is actually normal if your ex girlfriend is dating someone else.

When your ex girlfriend is dating someone else, there are two things that you can do: act like you don’t care or simply move away. If you still love your ex then chances are you would have a hard time acting like you don’t care. You can only try this options if your emotions are in check. Act as detached as possible since chances are the new boyfriend would not like you.

If you and your ex are still good friends, the new guy might start to get jealous and bring problems on the new relationship. If you’re finding it hard to adjust to the situation then talk about it and be as honest as possible. Since you’re still in the process of moving on, distancing from your ex is actually a rational thing to do. If your ex girlfriend is dating someone else and you just don’t want to be part of the situation then pursue other interests and keep busy with your life. If your ex asks why you are doing this then be honest and tell them that you are not comfortable with it.

Being friends with an ex is actually something lots of people choose after a relationship because it is satisfying to both parties. However, if you’re not ready for that friendship then don’t try to be friends with your ex. It’s hard to be friends with someone you’ve had a significant bond with but it becomes hard if your ex girlfriend is dating someone else so soon after.

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