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The Girlfriend Says She Needs A Break. Is It Time To Worry?

March 30, 2011 by marriage

Sooner or later we all face that dilemma. If you’re reading this, It’s a safe bet that it’s your turn.

“I think it’s best if we take a break from each other”

What does your girlfriend mean by “a break?”

Usually, your girlfriend, for her own reasons, wants a some space in the relationship.  She might be trying to find a way out of the relationship without hurting your feeling, or she might be having second thoughts about the relationship. Only by knowing the whole story, can one determine her intention.

Is our relationship in danger?

To be honest, it is likely.  It varies with your reaction to the break. Don’t take it personally, she needs space from the relationship, not you. The majority of guys will make attempt smother her instead. They  may make an attempt to secure the relationship.

You don’t want to do that. Try to keep in mind, she’s requesting a break from the relationship. The wrong way to handle is by giving more love and affection. She will not appreciate that. What she wants is some time apart to evaluate her life.

How can I take care of the problem?

If I give her space, what can I do to show her I love her? You can prove you love her just by doing as she asks.

Allow her the space she requests and the time to think things over. It’s possible by giving her space, you’ll gain her respect. She may decide she needs you in her life. The time apart could result in a better relationship.

It’s not always easy to give her the space she needs. Particularly, when all you can think about is getting back together. Be strong and stay active. Even though you’re apart, she will be of you a lot. Make yourself unavailable, and she will probably miss and want you back.

While giving her space, fall back some hobbies. Go out and have find pleasurable activities that distract you from the break. Doing this will also help you have something exciting to talk about when you see her again.

I realize this situation can be confusing baffling. You may be wondering if she’s breaking up or not. Trust me, she’s just needs some space to clear up her own confusion. The best thing to do is give her the space, and she’ll miss you.

Odds are  that once she has had time to miss you, she’ll want you back, making you both closer.

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  1. Dan says:

    My girlfriend wanted space after 3 years of a perfect relationship, or at least it felt as though nothing could go wrong. Then she suddenly made a turn for the worst, stopped all texts, messages and calls and any form of contact. For the first 2 weeks, I was absolutely devastated. I haven’t spoke to her directly for more than 2 months… but she’s still on my facebook and relationship status. The good thing about giving them the space they need is you start to see patterns of something that was there at the beginning of the relationship, that wasn’t there towards the end (something that may have became missing).

    I’m not sure if we’ll get back together.. as i’m not sure whether I was the insecure one or if she was just being the one that’s crossing the line by playing the field a little too much.. if she is then perhaps thats a temporary way of testing if i’ve changed rather than trust me blindly. Either way, space is probably more painful than a break up itself, cause you have no idea whether things will get better or uglier. It’s always recommended to not give up on the person you love, but sometimes it’s easier to treat it like a breakup for the meantime, by dating again and using no contact to heal. One thing i’ve really learnt is to stop inflicting pain on yourself because it’s pointless and it only drives them further away.. so does contacting them or accusing them. In fact, if you question anything about their new found freedom then it puts everything at stake. It’s easiest to just take it for what it is, start new projects and focus on what you couldn’t do while you were in the relationship itself. I don’t necessarily mean get in to a new relationship or to cheat on them, but to have yourself occupied in different things. It just helps for your own sanity.

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