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Why Is Divorce So Common?

January 18, 2011 by marriage

If a marriage doesn’t have a good foundation, then it’s very difficult for the relationship to grow and last. It takes years to build a good relationship, and the foundation gets stronger because of this experienced gained. One reason for increasing number of divorces can be women empowerment as they are now getting higher education, and higher salaries. Women have become very independent, and have the liberty to choose the man they want to stay with.

Divorce was once considered a taboo, but it has become an easy solution for couples having problems in their married life. Some are getting a divorce just because of a few conflicts, heightened tension, or a suspicion of infedility. Not all women feel the need to be married or rely on a man to take care of them. Whenever one partner betrays the trust of the other continuously, whether it be because of infedility or some other reason, then this can cause permanent damage a marriage.

Infidelity causes resentment and anger, and cheated spouse feels that divorce is the only possible way out. Some people have the habit of philandering, which leads to infidelity, causing problems in married life. And in some cases, both the husband and wife are discontented, and opt for the divorce by choice. The conflict with mother in law creates problems between husband and wife, and if it goes out of control, it can also lead to divorce.

The divorce rate is higher where both males and females are working. Married couples that are both educated and working sometimes let their pride get in the way and creates conflicts. In situations where the married couple are struggling financially, the husband is more likely to file for the divorce, and the wife seeks a maintenace case. When a discepency in intelligence is apparrent between the two partners, it tends to cause misunderstandings and frustration on both ends. Marriage brings many responsibilities, and if partners are not able to devote much time with each other, which starts deteriorating the relationship, resulting in divorce.

A conflict in cultural values can result in a divorce if neither one is willing to adjust to the other. Mid-life crisis, addiction to drugs and alcohol, physical or emotional abuse, family strains and workaholism are other common causes of divorce. Sexual, emotional, and physical abuse are less common, but will lead to a divorce quickly as people who love and respect themselves won’t accept such behavior.

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